Berlin baby



Berlin baby ~ Three CALARTS filmmakers will travel to Berlin and attend workshops led by Kamal Aljafari, Head of Directing at dffb, and I get to be one of them!!!!!!!

The German Film and Television Academy Berlin is one of the leading film schools in Europe. So from February 1st thru March 28, 2013, I get to be at the most amazing school participating in a workshop tailor made for my Wheat Field thesis film. This is pure HAPPINESS HAPPENING HERE.

Workshop dates are Feb 18 – March 15.

“From the Interior”

This class will explore filmmaking as an exploration of our consciousness, our emotions and state of mind. In situating these emotions we begin and indeed cannot help but talk about the known yet unsaid of our surroundings. This is walking a line between art as communication, and as mere utterance: how we understand the world around us, and the process by which we constitute our individuality. Film is also an enactment of,and claim, to individuality. This enactment has a tense relationship to place. Places seduce, discipline, imprison, and reject. As a film therefore takes place – in the sense of happening – it is also taking place – in the sense of claiming it; be it only for a singular life, or thought. “From the Interior” is also the title of three miniatures videos Mr. Aljafari is making and which will be used as a point of departure to create a new work made together with the students produced during the 4 weeks seminar.

this is what a slut looks like

Our Mission Statement
As a part of SlutWalk San Diego,
We are proudly taking a stand against sexual violence and the bully tactics of victim blaming.We believe that all of us, regardless of gender, need to recognize that by allowing the publicly shaming of victims by using their appearance or sexual history against them, it creates a society that accepts and justifies acts of sexual violence.We recognize that we need to end not only the acts of sexual violence, but the excuses that allow that violence to continue.We believe in the simple concept that everyone deserves to be respected for who they are.