Innovators of Art

Inserting the ‘silver rib of a foreign word’ into an idea, Walter Benjamin argued in a passage Adorno was fond of quoting, helps the idea to survive.

GRRF: The Sound of Suicide Postponement (2009)

In the land of cubicles and gaming software development hell, the most unhappy employee becomes the victim of video camera torture… See full summary »

Directed by
Tristan Newcomb
Simon Quiroz (co-director)
Writing credits
Tristan Newcomb

Cast (in credits order)
Tristan Newcomb The GRRF Guy
Brett Stalbaum The Professor
Jared Hinkle The Assistant
Travis Cochran Mister Marketing
Derek Lomas Mikey, Game Designer
Ricardo Dominguez Performance Artist One
Holly Eskew Performance Artist Two

Produced by
Cy Cary …. associate producer
Chelsey Grasso …. associate producer
Tristan Newcomb …. producer
Simon Quiroz …. co-producer
Roberto Rosales …. associate producer
Roberto L. Rosales …. associate producer
Brett Stalbaum …. associate producer

Original Music by
Tsuyoshi Oyama
Film Editing by
Tristan Newcomb


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