Full Moon Poets

Full Moon Poets

About the Poetry Slam in Encinitas:

Last night was a total blast! This was my first time being in a Poetry Slam and WOW how exciting!! I knew I was in for a ride after they gathered all the poets together prior to the show and most everyone already knew one another by name. One of the guys that ran the event walked up to a group of people standing next to me and said, “Oh, three of my favorite poets are right here” and they all laughed. One of the contestants was a four-time winner. This year he got 2nd place.

What surprised me most was discovering that we have some ‘known’ poets in our community. Everyone was good last night, but some were simply AMAZING! Hence, the competition was steep. I didn’t make it past the first round, but I was just honored to have been up there amongst such talented individuals! It went from 20 poets to 8, then down to 4, and finally the winner.

One of my favorites was this 90 year old woman who was known by the entire crowd on a first name basis. She made it through to round two. Her second poem began by speaking of this man she had just met and started getting intimate with; it was pretty typical stuff until the end . . . after he’d unzipped her dress and all that. She ended the poem by saying:

“I know how he likes his Fuck, but I wonder how he likes his eggs!”

This was quite shocking to hear from such an old woman and that’s what made it hysterical. Classic moment!! The event was filmed on my ipod, so once I get it into FinalCut I will post on my Performance Art Wall.


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