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Writing the Body

Your Host: Holly Eskew

Host’s Message:
Concept for the Archive Fever performance is somewhat bricoleur — it involves assembling fragments of identities and personal histories from the women who performed at UAG during 80’s (pre-internet era) and then staging a performance for an autobiographical narrative based on the women’s collective archival documents. The idea is to let script become a way to look back collectively and examine women’s art from 80’s, (when home video cameras happened & time prior to electronic media explosion 90’s/internet). My aim is to recover a narrative on textual boundaries and find UAG women artists who’s contributions either blurred the boundaries between “private” and“‘public” spheres or constructed art as a site of resistance.

Think narrative as the diary of an artist who told all the old stories used to inscribe a socially constructed autobiographical script. Text includes my personal experience from the pre-internet era, as well as multimedia text and videos appropriate for adapting narratives along the way ~ pointing to women who draw on personal archives and autobiographical narratives in a collective memory and to those political transformation in later years.

When: March 4th, 2011, 7:30pm
What: PUMPING BLOOD!Archive Fever
Where: UCSD University Art Gallery

Archive Fever (event) | curated by: Ricardo Dominguez & Jenn Moreno

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Archive Fever