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Elle Mehrmand

this image is of "roberta will bring a hologram"


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Micha Cardenas

"A Kind of Controlled Alchemy"A performance / thought process / diagram where I will explore my fears of and desires for Facial Feminization Surgery, in response to the work of Lynn Hershman Leeson's Roberta Breitmore series.

watch video (full length): A Kind of Controlled Alchemy

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Holly Eskew

PUMPING BLOOD!” (Alternate Title: “#Bb 0|1“):
“Writing the Body, in body and language both, to understand where art and life are different and sometimes just the same . . . performance for an autobiographical narrative and all those connected by a moment.”

#Bb 0|1
watch video (full length): PUMPING BLOOD!

watch video (clip): PUMPING BLOOD!