Deutsche Film und Fernsehakademie Berlin

Deutsche Film und Fernsehakademie Berlin

with Max Preiss at (dffb)


The Ride Home

Okay, I’m doing this!
Going to film “The Ride Home” a documentary film, this summer with Noelle Charles, Terry Pratt and the Grandmothers :)Immediate seed funding is required! Please visit the film crew’s Kickstarter page to support and receive rewards, along the trail. Pledge levels begin as low as $3! Tax-deductible donations above $250 are also being received through Cheyenne Elders Council via Paypal or personal check.

Archive Fever

Micha Cardenas

"A Kind of Controlled Alchemy"A performance / thought process / diagram where I will explore my fears of and desires for Facial Feminization Surgery, in response to the work of Lynn Hershman Leeson's Roberta Breitmore series.

watch video (full length): A Kind of Controlled Alchemy


January 2009, Un_speakable | gallery exhibition at UCSD‘s Annex Gallery

Created installation for evidence of December 2008 UAG performance:
*Something Is Happening ~ un_speakable:
5 phrase events

*Five “un_speakable” gestures that echo indeterminate words, gaps and bodies that we constructed collectively as phrase events ~ all that happens between signs and skins by verbals,  Autumn HaysPinar YorganciogluHelaine Gawlica, Holly Eskew and Ricardo Dominguez.

.“The phrase event remains indeterminate.”
Jean-François Lyotard

Something Is Happening (event) | curated by Jordan Crandal


Research Note:
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高 艺 ~ Gao Yi

Chinese Calligraphy | ucsd

My Chinese name was given to me by Professor Huai Li ~ she said my first name means "high” or “shooting high” and my last name means “art” or “skill."

Chinese Calligraphy | ucsd

Chinese Calligraphy | final project

Follow project: 高 艺 ~ Gao Yi