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Writing the Body

Your Host: Holly Eskew

Host’s Message:
Concept for the Archive Fever performance is somewhat bricoleur — it involves assembling fragments of identities and personal histories from the women who performed at UAG during 80’s (pre-internet era) and then staging a performance for an autobiographical narrative based on the women’s collective archival documents. The idea is to let script become a way to look back collectively and examine women’s art from 80’s, (when home video cameras happened & time prior to electronic media explosion 90’s/internet). My aim is to recover a narrative on textual boundaries and find UAG women artists who’s contributions either blurred the boundaries between “private” and“‘public” spheres or constructed art as a site of resistance.

Think narrative as the diary of an artist who told all the old stories used to inscribe a socially constructed autobiographical script. Text includes my personal experience from the pre-internet era, as well as multimedia text and videos appropriate for adapting narratives along the way ~ pointing to women who draw on personal archives and autobiographical narratives in a collective memory and to those political transformation in later years.

When: March 4th, 2011, 7:30pm
What: PUMPING BLOOD!Archive Fever
Where: UCSD University Art Gallery

Archive Fever (event) | curated by: Ricardo Dominguez & Jenn Moreno

Uag Ucsd

Archive Fever


Something (un_speakable) Happening

a short personal video documentary

January 2011, Something (un_speakable) Happening ~ Orangenality

Position: writer/director/editor/performance artist.

Video documentary (essay) reflects elements of my personal history & interests outside of film or theater, as well as my artistic pursuits, San Diego, California.


January 2009, Un_speakable | gallery exhibition at UCSD‘s Annex Gallery

Created installation for evidence of December 2008 UAG performance:
*Something Is Happening ~ un_speakable:
5 phrase events

*Five “un_speakable” gestures that echo indeterminate words, gaps and bodies that we constructed collectively as phrase events ~ all that happens between signs and skins by verbals,  Autumn HaysPinar YorganciogluHelaine Gawlica, Holly Eskew and Ricardo Dominguez.

.“The phrase event remains indeterminate.”
Jean-François Lyotard

Something Is Happening (event) | curated by Jordan Crandal


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On The Nature Of Human Skin

On The Nature Of Human Skin

Click here to play Memorial for UCSD Martyr - Vietnam War Protester: George Winne Jr.

Social Architectures | The Invisible Shape of University Past


George Winne Jr.'s Memeorial | Click here to see: On The Nature Of Human Skin

“In God’s Name, End the War” | “I believe in God and hereafter,
I will see you there.”

George Wynne Jr.
follow project:
An Inconvenient Art

★Read (artist’s response) after seeing my project:
Virginia Maksymowicz | Sculptor (5 months ago)
What a surprise for me to come across these photos! The bricks did not belong to George Winne. I made this clay sculpture in 1976 when I was a grad student in Visual Arts at UCSD. The other sculpture in the memorial grove is by Michael Todd, who used to be on the faculty. I am delighted that the sculpture has been cared for over these many years.
Virginia Maksymowicz

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Stuart Collection at UCSD: Click here to play Terry Allen' Trees

Stuart Collection | The Silent Tree
Herbert’s hippopotamus | [videorecording]
Hippopotamus ~ Marcuse & Revolution in Paradise

Virginia Maksymowicz

On The Nature Of Human Skin

Virginia Maksymowicz's "Thirty Blocks" | the Winne Memorial Grove



Virginia Maksymowicz

The Blacklist Art & Film Festival

The Blacklist experiment continues*

What started out as a way for a group of friends to display their unique talents to the local community has evolved into a multi-media spectacle. We pride ourselves on celebrating fearless and unapologetic creativity that goes beyond the formula of mainstream culture as a means to showcase the World’s emerging talents and unknown innovators of Art, Film, and Rock n’ Roll. This event of cerebral debauchery represents an effort to inspire the next wave of artists with original and unconventional content.

As filmmakers and artists we have the ability and the opportunity to inspire, and in many ways, the obligation. There is a lack of originality and authenticity in today’s popular culture and it’s not because there is a lack of original ideas, but a lacking desire to embrace them. We have been overly supplied with formulaic music, movies and opinion, so much that now the dissenters from formula have almost no chance of making it into the mainstream culture.

Rinse your mind of mainstream slime.


Rob Cotterill & Jason Eisener's 2010 crowd pleasing yule-tide bloodbath, Treevenge.