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Welcome to Occupy Everything: A Documentary of the Occupy Movement in California Schools



Occupy Everything is a feature-length film documenting the struggle of four female college students striving to reclaim public education in the state of California. Each of their stories are very different, but they all have had common experiences in that they feel bullied by the university — by tactics to wear them down, to run out the clock and deny them access to administrators — all the while banking on students graduating and moving on and thus, administrators are not held accountable for their actions. I’d like to share My CalArts Story with you in a documentary film. That is why I am fighting for my student rights.

Learn more about the project Holly Eskew is collaboration on at CalArts CommonSpace:

 Holly Eskew | Occupy Everything: A Documentary of the Occupy Movement in California Schools | info | CalArtsCommonSpace


 Happening now: #outcry

Dear Friends I need your help

Link to Greivance Statement:


Dear Friends I need your help

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History Demands Nonviolent Resistance From Us!

Rachel Rosenthal, "Traps," Photoe: Daniel J. Martinez.


Inconvenient Art

Holly Eskew

Anonymous sets its sights on Wall Street
Plans to occupy New York financial district


takethesquareTake the square <—- A small victory,

‎”world war 3 will be a guerilla information war with no division between military and civilian participation” <Marshal McLuhan 1968>











“We still don‟t understand the role of decentralized media intervention as a catalyst for grassroots action at the global scale.”
From Brian Holmes Escape the Overcode: Activist Art in the Control Society


b.a.n.g. lab | Take the Square! #SpanishRevolution

[hecho posible]
ACAMPADA b.a.n.g. lab
UCSD campus

Desde todos aquellos conectados por un momento, Queremos agradecer a todas aquellas personas y colectivos que han hecho posible llevar a cabo las funciones que nos hemos co-misión ::

-Posibilitar un espacio cultural libre, en el que cualquier artista pueda ofrecer su arte libremente.

-Sonorización de asambleas, sin ningún tipo de censura o manipulación

-Suministro de energia electrica

-Bloqueo y neutralización de los intentos de manipulación sufridos por partidos politicos y organizaciones con fines propios ajenos  a acampada b.a.n.g. lab.

Catalyzing Knowledge | Inconvenient Art

other links


    b.a.n.g. lab

    @banglab san diego, ca
    *Bits.Atoms.Neurons.Genes* – Micro_Gestures at the Edge of Invisibility is an On/Off line space for artists in the Visual Arts Department at UCSD

    Spanish to English translation

    [it possible]
    CAMPING b.a.n.g. lab
    UCSD campus
  • From all those connected for a moment, we want to thank all those people and groups that have made ​​it possible to carry out the functions we have co-mission ::-Facilitate a free cultural space in which any artist can offer their art freely.-Sound assemblies, without any censorship or manipulation-Electricity-Lock and neutralization of sustained attempts at manipulation by political parties and organizations for their own purposes camping outside b.a.n.g. lab.

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  1. b.a.n.g. lab | Take the Square!
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  2. Holly Eskew | Performance Art
    …but there is no formula for that, I cannot say “it must take place in public space” or “it must unfold in the presence of other people,” because in my experience, art lodges in the memory and it sinks into my body, so those effects could come out anywhere, at any time, in the absence of the art object and maybe even when I have forgotten it. — Brian Holmes

  3. This doesn’t really have to do with the topic at hand, but I wanna ask if you might know where I might find a decent captcha plugin that I could use on my blog?? I’m using the same blog system as you and I’m having difficulty locating one?

  4. Challenges to Presenting Personal Work In Public Spaces: Holly Backstory “While Ivy Naps” (Activating Spaces) Documentation Help bridge CalArts campus: Addressing our concerns.pdf

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