Muir TV

Small Oranges & Agora

Michael Trigilio | Muir TV part 1

Michael Trigilio | Muir TV part 2

Small Oranges

Ricardo Dominguez | Muir TV

Small Oranges

Tristan Newcomb | Muir TV

Small Oranges

Holly Eskew | Muir TV

Small Oranges & Agora

created & produced by Holly Eskew

∞ MuirTV (history)


Muir TV is a student-run campus television station located at UCSD. Any student is allowed to join. Weekly meetings are held to help students who are interested in any of the media arts; additionally, our organization provides a great oppurtunity for networking with other students at UCSD.

Our Mission Statement:

“To foster creativity and nurture the independent spirit through use of the media arts. We value collaboration among fellow Muirons, self-motivation within the organization, and embrace the integration of technology and imagination. MuirTV. Be different. “

2009-2010 Executives

*Holly Eskew – Station Co-chair

*Chelsey Grasso – Station Co-chair

*Jessica Chou – Station Manager

*Lee Montgomery – Publicity & P.R.

*Seojie Shim – Programming & Events

*Freshman Liason – TBD

Management History:
As Co-Chair for MuirTV, we won the RESSIE award for best run student television station!!! 


2008 – 2009

Station Manager: Lee Montgomery & Chelsey Grasso

Station Coordinator: Chelsey Grasso

Production Coordinator: Liz Hood

Director of Content Development and Acquisition : Chris Cruz

Programming Coordinator: Holly Eskew

Publicity Coordinator: Lee Montgomery

Freshman Liaison: Jessica Chou


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